Seminar organized for educational institutes by USEC in light of "Steps to improve teaching methodologies and use of modern technology in our educational sector"

A seminar has been organized by USEC to highlight the new trends in the higher education sector to aspire institutes and individuals to make effort in achieving higher education standards and become an aspiration for new institutes.

In the last few decades, aspiring young talent has been emerging and a futuristic plan is required to direct their talent in the right direction. Educational institutions are facing new challenges resulting from technological driven changes in teaching and learning, globalization of higher education and changes in the economic climate. Students need to make an informed choice in an academic program and career selection. This seminar will highlight the emerging trends and developments in the quality of education in the higher education sector.

United States Education Commission organizes seminars, workshops and conferences on a routine basis to spread awareness about the importance of education, standards in higher education, quality assurance and other related matters in the academic field.

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