USEC announces the winner of ‘Premier Quality Award’

USEC’s Premier Quality award was established in 2015 to recognize and praise the performance of educational institutes. The award is a sign of celebration and demonstration for representing higher education standards.

‘Premier Quality Award’ is a step to acknowledge the institute’s participation in enhancement and quality assurance in higher education quality. For the year 2018, University of Pacific Albion has been nominated for the Premier Quality Award for providing a competency-based online learning platform to all of its students. The University of Pacific Albion is working hard to improve its performance and maintain high standards in key areas and works for continuous improvements and adjustments to improve the quality of student’s online studying experience.

“We truly believe in the efforts and commitment of University of Pacific Albion in maintaining the standards and raising the bar in higher education” noted USEC President Marissa W. Stuart.

The Premier Quality Award provide annual recognition to outstanding contributions in the education community. Award categories are reviewed each year to make sure they are current, relevant and reflect the emerging innovations in the education movement. This year’s award include areas of openness that clearly impact and support the education movement through their own open practices. Together we stand for a world of openness where knowledge is openly and freely accessible. USEC celebrates and acknowledges these alliances and collaborations through the award categories.

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